Happiness myths and Facts

Happiness often seems like a fleeting emotion. But have you ever wondered that what is keeping you from realizing your inner joyousness? Read on to know myths and facts about happiness.

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Happiness myths and Facts

Happiness often seems like a fleeting emotion. It’s here one moment and gone in the other. Often, we tend to believe that a particular event or occasion that we have always dreamt of, is likely to make us happier than ever before; but, even when such dreams are realized, we end up with a grossly inadequate feeling! What then is happiness? What is keeping us from realizing our inner joyousness? The quest can probably be much more successful once you come to terms with some proven happiness myths and facts.


Happiness myths and facts—Key to a happy life

Myth1: It all depends on the attitude and my attitude is dependent on my genetic makeup!

The fact is that only 50% of your happiness quotient could be blamed on your genes. The rest 50% is still workable. Therefore, never cease to put in conscious efforts that can help you maintain a cheerful demeanour.

Myth 2: Happiness is associated with achieving goals!

Wrong! Almost 40% of your happiness quotient  will depend on how you behave and think on a day to day basis. Lasting happiness depends on how you manage and coordinate the circumstances of your life in your favour.


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Myth 3: You adapt to what life offers you and tend to remain happy within the predetermined set point.

Although, humans are adaptable in nature, fresh changes introduced into simple things of our lives can, in fact, help in heightening the happiness quotient considerably. Therefore, it isn’t wise to take happiness for granted. A simple alteration like a home makeover can sometimes make you feel much better.

Myth 4:
Negative emotions always take the cake!

Well, no, not always. Negative emotions keep you preoccupied for a certain period simply because they tell you that there is some sort of a problem that needs to be fixed. When worked upon, positive emotions can successfully nudge them out. People suffering from medical conditions such as depression, however, would need help.

Myth 5: It’s all about gratification!

Surprisingly, it isn’t. Happiness associated with pleasurable moments would be temporary. In fact, you should choose to indulge in noble acts that satiate  you and keep you in a joyous mood for an extended period of time.

Myth 6: Universal modules are the solution.

No, they aren’t! In fact, there aren’t such modules available at all! You need to launch a quest for some truly specific activities that make you happy and are likely to keep you motivated in life.

Happiness myths and facts are primarily aimed at explaining that every person has a distinct set of feelings to cater to. How you remain happy would depend on the kind of person you are and the intensity of efforts you are likely to put in.


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