Carry off your Office garbs with chic, style your hair with these tips

A working woman cannot spend hours in front of the mirror styling her hair. Here are some quick hair styling tips for all the working woman.

Arshad Said Khan
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Arshad Said KhanPublished at: Jan 03, 2012
Carry off your Office garbs with chic, style your hair with these tips

With a 9 to 5 job, the working woman cannot be bothered to spend hours in front of the mirror styling her hair to the perfection only a salon can give.

hairstyle for working woman


There are many easy and quick hairstyle options for that do not require much fussing over.

Step 1 : Determine your hair length and type

No two heads are the same and that goes for hair too. If you have straight medium length hair, rolled buns will flatter you more than someone with long and curly hair. So try out different options given below to see which style suits you the best. Most of these hairdos will not take more than ten minutes of your time before you rush out to work.

Step 2: Get the equipment

You will need a brush, wide and narrow toothed combs, bobby pins, anti-frizz serum if frizz is a recurring problem, hairspray, any other styling product specific to your hair type. Although, putty like substances or cream based products work for most types.

Step 3 : Let’s Style!

Basic Bun: Those with silky hair may think this will not work but if you put in enough bobby pins, and spray your hair in place the bun will hold through the day. Comb your hair thoroughly. Pull them back tightly and roll a bun at the back of your head. If you want to keep it casual you can leave the bun a bit loose. Putting pins across each other in an ‘X’ will make it hold better. For a more charming appeal pull out a few strands but don’t forget to spray lest they look messy.

Side Parting:
Before you raise an eyebrow on a style that has the potential to make you look like a stern governess, think again. Many glamorous women have employed the side parting. Make a deep parting and let the hair on the wider side fall a bit on your forehead as you take them in a swoop to cover your ears. Take this part further to the back of your head and fix with bobby pins, spray generously to let it hold. Now brush the hair on the back falling over your shoulders.

Retro Ribbon: No you don’t have to use polka dots but if you want to add instant charisma in under five minutes simply brush back your hair and run a firming product or a leave in conditioner. Then take a non satin wide ribbon in a colour that suits you, preferably dark and sophisticated and in tune with the rest of your outfit. Tie it behind your ears and if you want a little bob you can push it to the front. Women with widow’s peaks can carry this style with élan.

Out of Bed: This works the best for curly hair. Wet your palms with a styling cream and apply on the body of damp hair ‘scrunching’ them in your hands. Try to lift your hair as you scrunch thereby adding volume. For a more glamourous effect iron the bangs on the front and twirl the ends with a curling rod.


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