guidelines while travelling abroad

guidelines while travelling abroad

Guidelines while Travelling Abroad gives you information, advice and much more which are beneficial for trvellers. Know all about maintaining your health and expediting the security check procedures.

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Guidelines While Travelling Abroad
  • Introduction to Travel Health

    Introduction to Travel Health

    Travelling is a frustrating and stressful part of the holiday experience for many of us; just to reach our ultimate destination with minimum fuss is a bonus, as there always seems to be a glitch in your planning somewhere along the way.

  • 5 Myths about India

    5 Myths about India

    The people traveling to India carry many myths and stereotypes about India and its inhabitants. One must learn about how to distinguish between facts and myths before travelling to India.

  • Checklist for Travel

    Checklist for Travel

    Planning for a holiday is always exciting and fun. In order to have safe and memorable travel you must plan your trip and try to carry light baggage.

  • Disease Outbreak Communication Guidelines

    Disease Outbreak Communication Guidelines

    Outbreak communication guidelines help in promoting public health by preventing health hazards on a massive scale. When implemented and executed in a planned manner  it result in greater and quality public participation thus controlling outbreak of any disease and limit the mortality rate.


  • How to prevent Altitude Sickness

    How to prevent Altitude Sickness

    Why travel to high altitudes and later regret because you couldn’t combat altitude sickness? We would ask you to be informed about what altitude sickness is and what can be done to cope up with an altitude sickness aftermath.

  • Medical Tourism Growth in India

    Medical Tourism Growth in India

    Medical tourism is a method of traveling abroad for getting certain medical treatment done. India has emerged as the most popular destination for medical tourism in terms of value, price as well as quality of care.

  • Precautions While Traveling To The Sea Coasts

    Precautions While Traveling To The Sea Coasts

    Traveling to the coast is a pleasant choice for those who love to flaunt sun tan. But sunburn and sea sickness are the unsaid problems of the coast traveling. So it is better prepare yourself beforehand for diving into the ocean.

  • Safety Precautions for Accident Prevention

    Safety Precautions for Accident Prevention

    While traveling by road it is essential to take certain safety precautions in order to prevent and minimize the risks of accidents. It still you get stuck in to any weird situation then try to stay calm and look for assistance.

  • Safety Tips for Travelling

    Safety Tips for Travelling

    Aimed at informing you about the benefits of preparation for your travel, this article will help you in understanding the need to travel with caution and educate you with tips onhow you can avert cathcing infections and diseases.

  • Singapore Travel Guidelines
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