Going au naturel in bed

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Feb 23, 2011

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You ride on CNG, eat organic exotica and wear eco-friendly fabric. How about going au naturel in bed, too?


When Canadians first came up with the concept of 'Green Sex', everyone called it bizarre. Perhaps, they'd forgotten than all Adam and Eve wore were leaves, and their bed was nothing other than the pure green grass that grew in the Garden of Eden. It's high time we, too, got back to basics in bed, because nothing can possibly give more pleasure than living out the most natural act on earth exactly how it was meant to be. And, it's not just about wearing green lingerie or doing up your room in green decor. Here's what we mean.


Going au naturel in bedGarden games


A trip to Eden may not be a fantasy after all, given the fact that everything lies in the mind. As the cool breeze blows you toward that special other, flowers, birds and the sun or moon will play aphrodisiacs. Don't try the neighbourhood park, though, aunties and uncles are quite spy-savvy. Instead, visit parks that are famous for lustful indulgence.


Making waves


When there's water, water, everywhere, it can actually make her go pink. Take a dive together while you go on a river-rafting trip or stand under soft waterfalls to feel the magic of the wet, wet, wet mantra. You can also make the most of this precious natural resource in scarcity shower together, drink it up from each other's lips or use the quintessential water tool the bathtub.


Don't forget the organic soaps, salts and body washes to pamper your better half with.


Dark room


Save on your electricity bills by turning off all the lights in the house. Instead, light up the room with aromatic candles. If you like it visual, daytime's when you should do it.


Massage delivered


Not just the starter, an organic oil massage could be the main course and dessert as well. Start with the feet, graduate to the arms and then approach his weak spots. Continue till both of you can hold no more.


Roll and rock


Set up an entire jungle theme for your room, and let the wild times roll. Organic linen, combined with countryside music, will go a long way to pep things up.


Eco 'weapons'


Slip on that pinkie right, but instead of going in for regular rubber ones, go in for biodegradable ones (your chemist may not have it but a personal luxury store sure will). Organic lubricants and edible choco paint could give company.

How about an eco-sex kit?


International sex toy portal Babeland.com has introduced an 'Eco-Sexy Kit', which allows couples to go green while getting intimate. This includes a phthalate-free vibrator, soy massage candle, a natural lubricant with no animal-testing or derivatives, and condoms. Will they deliver in India? No, because sex toys are banned in the country. So maybe you should start thinking of personalising one.



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