Get your Man Wild in Bed

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Oct 18, 2011

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Get your Man Wild in Bed Ways to get your men wild in bed



Surprise your man by spontaneous seduction. This will be a massive ego boost for man to know that you want him too. So surprise him to win him in bed!!!


Show your NAUGHTY side

Some women are worried to break their ‘good girl image’. But men do want to see your naughty and wilder side. Don’t try to hold back when you are with your guy. Instead make him feel that you are really into him and want him as much as he craves for you. You can go spice it up by being rough and wild with him. Love bites, no?

Bowl him over with the erotic moves, try different ways for pleasuring him.


Communicate your DESIRES


Talk to him and tell him if he is doing what you want or about things that he is not doing. Man who loves you will do everything possible to please you, so be open with your feelings.


Another turn-on for your man is dirty talk in bed. By dirty we doesn’t always mean nasty instead it can be sweet and simple as well. You can start by saying “I love you”, “You're beautiful" or “I can't wait to be with you tonight". Dirty talking can benefit in two ways. It will bring both of you at ease and intensify the sex by driving your man wild.



Another way to get your men wild in bed is the spice of variety. Whether it is foreplay or the actual act it is always good to try different ways. To stimulate his senses you can experiment with speed, position and pressure.

Like women, men are also slightly different from each other. So be attentive to what is working best for your man!!!


DON'T depend on him

Women take longer to turn on. Even though your men would love to do all that is needed to arouse you but don’t leave all the work for your guy. Men will appreciate if you are already in the aroused state, he can proceed to the actual work!!


BREATHE and have fun

Fun is the most important element to get your men wild in bed. Try doing different things that will please both of you. Remember that there is no rule for lovemaking so be yourself and enjoy the moment. You can initiate sex in the middle of night without speaking a word. Trust us, your man will surely enjoy!!


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