Get What You Want from Any Man

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Sep 13, 2011

Want from Any ManDo you know how to get what you want from your man? Many women are so disappointed by the fact that their men don’t listen to them or treat them in the manner they want to be. Here are some of the tips that will surly help:


  • Choose the right time to ask: Make sure that you choose the right time to ask about anything. If your man is watching cricket or football match then it’s not the right time to start your discuss other things. See that he is relaxed and not engaged in anything else.
  • Ask what you want: Some women make mistake to brand their men as ‘inconsiderate’. Don’t expect your men to read your mind. You must directly ask him what you want.
  • Don’t nag: Unnecessary nagging can ruin your relationship and make your partner feel resentful and inadequate towards you.  If you keep on mentioning things, he may unwillingly succumb to your wishes. On being pressured, his attitude may start to reflect the pressure and uneasiness. As a result you may get what you wanted but can’t enjoy it with him.
  • Be open to changes: If you ask your man to do something for you then make sure that you are also willing to do the same for him. Show him that you are also willing to do things for him.
  • Cook his favourite food: The main idea is to turn him on. So do this only if you can cook or else you can order his favourite meal.
  • Appreciate him: Appreciation and gratitude can take you long way. If he is making an effort then make sure he knows that it’s not going unnoticed. In addition, make him feel good about giving you what you wanted.
  • Don’t tolerate nonsense: You can’t allow a man to walk over you and then suddenly expect him to be nice. Tell him from the very beginning of you relationship           
  • Smile: When you ask your man about anything then make sure to keep a smiling face. Don’t ask any thing with a frown.


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