Get those Perfect Curves with Simple and Easy Yogasanas

Yoga supports the idea to maitain a uniform body weight. There are numerous asanas that can help women to gain weight.

Shreya Lall
YogaWritten by: Shreya LallPublished at: Aug 08, 2017
Get those Perfect Curves with Simple and Easy Yogasanas

Every woman’s much sought after dream is to have the perfect figure, to feel complete and confident about herself. Many skinny women find it extremely difficult to get those perfect curves. Another problem lies in the fact that fat can deposit into any part of the body. Therefore, it becomes a big concern if fat deposits in the abdominal or the hip area.

A regular yoga regime comes to  rescue here. Yoga basically supports the principle of a having an ideal body weight. Thus yoga practice regulates the metabolism to provide an ideal body weight. This way it indirectly helps the required purpose.

Some of the asanas that can help women gain weight may be listed as the much well known surya namaskar or sun salutation, the bhujang asana (cobra pose), chakra asana (wheel pose), dhanur asana (or the bow pose), sarvangh asana (shoulder stand pose). The last one, the sarvang asana has been proven as the most helpful in weight gain.

In order to keep the system fit and the mind, body and soul healthy, the yoga asanas must be practicedregularly, and on a daily basis as much as possible. Following are some of the yogasanas that help women gain weight. They are very easy to do and take only ten minutes of the routine life.

  • Dosurya namaskar from three to five times in the morning. This will help to keep the body balance. Also, after a great start, the mind stays refreshed throughout the day.
  • After surya namaskar, start with around 10 to 20 counts of the butterfly and rocking the baby asanas in order to improve blood circulation in the lower part of your body. Note that through this exercise, the fat will also be deposited in hip areas, leading to weight gain.
  • Subsequently, do the pranayam for 10 minutes to improve concentration levels Keep your eyes closed throughout.
  • Try not to eat anything after pranayam. Keep away from food for at least 30 minutes after the regime.

The various exercises described over here help keep the body in shape. They are least time consuming, do not require much physical strain as when one gyms or other forms of weight gain exercises. In fact  the best bit about yoga is that it improves the overall functioning of your digestive system so that it automatically gives curves in the body.

Other than practicing yoga, right eating is also necessary for weight gain.

  • One, eat more often. You may want to take short meals every two hours or so.
  • The best way to consume some extra calories is to eat healthy fats. This does not imply junk or fast food.
  • Eat nutrient rich foods like nuts, dairy products, enough of protein, fruits and dry fruits.
  • Include dairy products such as whole milk, butter, cream , ghee or cheese in your daily diet.
  • Also increase carbohydrate consumption from whatever source you love to eat.
  • Eat plenty of fruits, especially bananas and mangoes that are known to help gain weight.
  • Drink fresh fruit juices and shakes, especially banana shakes, on a regular basis.

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