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Jan 20, 2011

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Most of us want to have gardens or collection of plants, both for beauty-their appeal to us and other members of the family-- and at the same time to be an exquisite collection. It is how I term the collection of varieties of few select species which will add to your lifestyle gardening.
Now one such species which creates a fascinating colour impact with their collection is Aglaonema.


An evergreen and colourful foliage makes this plant as one of the finest indoor plants-which at times will need semishade conditions. A porous compost mixture with cocopeat, soilrite, vermiculite, organic manure, neem cake powder and bonemeal etc. makes a good mix with addition of small doses of potash for shine in the leaves.


Few of these aglaonema are:

  • Aglaonema rotundum: Popular as Red aglaonema with its origin in Thailand, is a compact slow growing beauty-broad ovate leaves 10-15 cms long, thick leathery-dark metallic glossy green to coppery, the reverse side glowing wine red with rosy veins.
  • Aglaonema pictum Tricolor: A deep green, satiny leaves with patches of silver and mixed with yellow-green blotches. Needs extra care in terms of exposure to semi-shade conditions and feeding with liquid feed etc.
  • Aglaonema Silver Queen: Very ornamental and nice decorative plant, green with grey marbling in feather pattern, grows bushy with suckers emerging from the bottom. Excellent keeping qualities. Easy to maintain.
  • Aglaonema Modestum: Also known as "Chinese Evergreen with waxy green leaves, attractive and sharply distinct variegation of the leaf colour changing to dark green around outer edge of leaf.
  • Aglaonema Crispum: Also called "painted drop tongue" large and showy-leathery leaves of greyish-green larger variegated with silver colour. A good house plant with long staying capacity indoors - but needs exposure to semi-shade positions periodically.
  • Aglaonema Silver King: An excellent variety with lush growing habits and filled with suckers and entirely silver grey marked with silver spots-a little different in look kind of leaves than other varieties of Aglaonema.
  • Now with all these varieties of Aglaonema available in reputed nurseries, if collected and looked after properly can decorate any corner of the indoors with their varying colour themes as I would put it-A part of your series of life style gardening.


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