Gadgets that will Make your Healthy Eating Hassle-Free

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Apr 08, 2014
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  • Healthy eating can be very time consuming when it comes to cooking.
  • Some kitchen gadgets can help you monitor your calorie intake.
  • You can store your green leafy vegetables for longer with these gadgets.
  • These gadgets help you reduce your food consumption.

Each one of us knows how essential healthy eating is for our well-being. Yet, cutting down on those extra calories becomes really difficult when it comes to cooking a nutritious diet. However, if you have the right tools in your kitchen choosing a healthy meal over pre-packaged stuff is no big a deal. Check out some culinary items which you must have in your kitchen to give yourself and your family a healthy life.

Hot-Air Popcorn Popper

While munching on them, we often tend to neglect the calorie content in the light-weighed popcorns. However, the cooking oil used to prepare the snack is enough to cause the damage. The corn available in microwaveable bags contains preservatives which are very harmful for your body. But the hot-air popcorn popper is the perfect remedy for all your problems. This gadget lets you have your high-fiber snack without any oil consumption.

Two-Tier Microwave Steamer

This steamer very comfortably lets you cook your vegetables without the oil and butter which you normally use while frying, sautéing or grilling. Fill the above container with vegetables and the lower with water. Put in microwave and your vegetables will be ready in a jiffy.

Oil Mister

Olive oil contains essential fatty acids which are needed for the body. However, over consumption can prove to be harmful. To put a control on your consumption, pour olive oil in this oil mister and sprinkle it over your salad or cooking vessel.

Gadgets for Healthy Living

Digital Scale

The best way to manage your diet is to weigh the portions you are going to eat. These digital weighing machines let you manage the amount of food you want to consume in order to avoid over-eating. They are easy to clean and come in several colours to compliment the décor of your kitchen.

Modern Peeler

You must have read it often that you shouldn’t skip eating the peel of various food items like cucumbers and carrots. But collecting the peel with a peeler has always been a messy job. But this modern peeler will help you collect the peel in chamber without spilling even a bit on your kitchen slab.

Herb Store

Green vegetables and herbs are a powerhouse of proteins and other vital nutrients which your body requires. However, these leafy vegetables soon turn bad even before you decide a recipe. But this storage device helps you keep your veggies fresh for up to 3 weeks when kept in refrigeration.

Gadgets for Healthy Living

Apple Divider

Apple is rich in iron content and helps improve the haemoglobin level in your body. But the amount of effort it takes to peel and slice an apple may sometimes make you skip the important fruit. To your rescue comes this which gadget lets you divide your apple into evenly cut wedges.

Salad Dressing Mixer

When you were buying a salad dressing from the supermarket, the calorie intake surely skipped your mind. Not an issue anymore! Make a salad dressing without any hassles with the help of this mixer. All you need to do is just add the ingredients and push the blend button. Spread it over your salad and keep the remaining in the container and refrigerate it.

Nut and Fruit Handheld Chopper

This gadget helps you chop your vegetables and fruits without turning them into a puree. If you skipped eating fruits only to avoid the trouble of chopping them, then this gadget is exactly what you were looking for. This gadget can also chop your dry fruits without turning them into paste.

Portion Control Plates

On an average, the increase in the size of a plate has gone up to 12 inches from 8.5 inches over decades. You must opt for these portion control plates which are only as big as your salad plates. Not big then 9 inches, these plates help you reduce the food consumption.

Healthy cooking means a lot of time spent in the kitchen but these gadgets can make it easy, convenient and minimal time consuming.

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