Foods to Avoid When You Have Asthma

Know what foods to avoid when you have asthma. As these foods can trigger an asthma attack, the asthma patients should especially be aware of them.

Vatsal Anand
AsthmaWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Mar 26, 2012
Foods to Avoid When You Have Asthma

For asthmatics, staying away from clean unhygienic places is not enough to ensure that they stay out of health troubles. They need to be conscious of their asthma attack triggers which include some types of food too. At times asthma patients consume food that they think is harmless for them but it turns out that their attack is triggered by it.


Once you have realised that certain foods can trigger an attack, it would be advisable that you stay away from these and be circumspect of other foods that may cause the same effect. Some of these asthma inducing foods are:


  • Dairy – Asthma patients should keep away from dairy products as they can trigger an attack. Some foods that contain dairy are ice cream, yoghurt, cheese and any product which is based on milk. Coughing and sneezing are common complications caused by dairy in asthmatics.
  • Common Asthma Trigger Foods – Eggs, citrus fruits, wheat and soy products increase the risk of asthma. The foremost thing that needs to be removed from the diet of an asthma patient is egg. Citrus fruits are very beneficial in most people but the hair formations in some of them can work as an asthma trigger. Similarly, soy products and wheat has been found to bring about asthma symptoms in some cases.
  • Processed foods – Although some patients might get away with eating these foods, there is a great risk all the same. Having these foods too frequently can hamper asthma treatment as the artificial flavouring and rich additives can induce allergic reaction. It is especially forbidden for patients who suffer from asthma attacks frequently.
  • Phlegm causing foods – These include banana, papaya, rice, sugar and curd. Foods that are not easy to digest such as coffee, strong tea, sauces and alcoholic beverages can lead to an asthma attack.
  • Nuts – These can not only increase the frequency of attacks but also make them more severe.
  • Fast foods – A research on the effect of fast food on the condition of asthma revealed that people having fast food are twice as likely to trigger asthma attack, compared to those who do not. This effect was more pronounced in children.

You need to avoid these foods as much as possible, or monitor your condition very closely if you consume them by mistake or intentionally. It would be advisable to stay safe and make sure you avoid these asthma trigger foods.

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