Foods That Boost Your Sex Life

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May 20, 2011

Woman eating cherryIf the sizzle in your bedroom is not what it used to be, your lifestyle is to blame. Stress and unhealthy eating habits leave you too tired or feeling overfed after eating to enjoy sex. If you have realised that healthy eating will involuntarily make you feel like having sex, read on! There are some foods which help to improve or aid in the blood flow towards your sex organs. Though healthy eating boost your sex life, you should always remember that staying away from unhealthy foods is as important.


Foods that Aid in Good Sex Life



  • Foods that improve blood circulation can lead to better erection. Foods rich in L-Arginine such as granola, peanuts, oatmeal, walnuts, cashews, root vegetables in carrot, green vegetables, garlic, soybeans, ginseng and seeds. These foods aid in erection in both men and women.
  • Have soy. It has an estrogen binding effect on women which improves sex drive, and is also useful for the prostrate. Bear in mind that soy aggravates breast cancer in women.
  • Try mood enhancer foods like celery, cottage cheese, pomegranate, asparagus and low-fat yoghurt. These foods increase the release of dopamine, which is also known as the “cuddle” hormone.
  • Foods that release carbohydrates slowly like whole wheat bread and pasta enhance your stamina for going the whole way. Figs that are full of amino acids also improve stamina for sex as they boost your libido.
  • Liquorice roots lead to the production of a hormone called oestrogen, essential for sexual health.
  • Flaxseeds increase testosterone levels and also contain fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3. It helps to increase sex hormones in your body.
  • Bananas are full of vitamin B that release energy by converting carbohydrates. It results in increased production of sex hormones like testosterone.
  • Basil helps in increasing blood circulation. It improves fertility besides boosting your sex drive.
  • Cardamom can treat impotence and is a very good aphrodisiac.


Sex Dampener Foods to Avoid


  • Avoid unsaturated fats that you devour with cakes, biscuits, rich puddings and the like. They reduce your blood supply. Salt packed foods have the same impact as they raise your blood pressure.
  • White bread, potatoes and sugar increase your blood sugar levels and make you feel too sleepy to feel like sex.
  • Caffeinated drinks disturb your sleep patterns and make you feel sluggish after waking up.
  • Do not have too much of cabbage, onions and baked beans as they make you feel overfed.


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