5 Kamasutra tips to avoid

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Dec 06, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Kamasutra has been written by Vatsyayana in the Gupta period.
  • Kamasutra has listed some extreme positions.
  • When Kamasutra goes wrong, you can be in trouble.

A book with 64 sex positions written by Vatsyayana in the Gupta period is believed to be the ultimate sex manual, the Kamasutra has been read and re-ead with awe by people ever since. But doesn’t the idea of 64 sex positions aghast you? What could there be in the union of man and woman, in sexual intercourse that we didn’t know? Therefore, Kamasutra has listed some extreme positions and also has some very farfetched tips that can be quite a task for us commoners.


kama sutra


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If these sexual tips and postures are followed and then go wrong somewhere, then it could be hazardous, safety doesn’t seem to be the primary concern for Vatsyayana. So we are here to warn you!




The biting

Kamasutra has dedicated a large segment to biting your sex partner; there are eight different types of bite listed there. Thought this may finally fulfill you ladies’ fantasy for a vampire like experience, it can definitely be hazardous. You are in a state of sexual delight, and things are very heated in bed, chances are that your teeth may press a little more than what is necessary. Beware of the biting game, and remember when it comes to biting less is more, so go easy.

Wasp sting for penis enlargement

Kamasutra says, “Take shuka hairs - the shuka is an insect that lives in trees - mix with oil and rub on the penis for ten nights. When a swelling appears sleep face downwards on a wooden bed, letting one's sex hang through a hole.”

By ‘sukha’, Kamasutra means wasps, and the hairs that it is talking of are its stingers. Now, why would a sane man want to rub wasp stingers mixed with oil on his penis? Unless someone is terribly saddened by his microscopic penis, he will never do such a thing! Please be happy with what you have, do not have sex if you are embarrassed, become a hermit, practice celibacy do anything but never ever try this.


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The suspended congress

This is a disastrous position to try, it can be fatal for both the man and woman, as Kamasutra asks the man to man to support himself against a wall, and the woman, should sit on his hands joined together and held underneath her. Then he should throw her arms round his neck, and put her thighs alongside his waist so as to move herself by her feet. Her feet are touching the wall against which the man is leaning.

Now this position is not a child’s play, first the man has chances of breaking his back and you should never try it even if you have an inkling of back pain. This position for sex is utterly dangerous because the couple is standing up and the man is holding the entire weight of the woman, if she falls then her spinal cord or other body parts are at the risk of a major damage. Unless the man is a version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the woman is feather light, you must avoid this position.




The variant yawning position

In this position the woman raises her legs on the lover’s shoulder while he penetrates her; this essentially offers the deepest penetration into the woman. The man’s penis here basically becomes a drilling machine that goes in to search for something. This position can tear the woman’s vaginal walls and if he continues to drill for a longer time in a merciless fashion, then the girl’s cervix may rupture. It’s hazardous for her, so he should be a little considerate. Yawn if you may, but don’t forget to cover your mouth, it is good manners.

Painful heating

The jewel in the crown for our hazardous tips and positions from the Kama Sutra is this. This is not a position, it is a tip that Vatsyayana has given for those who hold the book to their heart and pray. Vatsyayana says that a man must never allow his semen to drop inside anything other than a vagina and also not when she is menstruating. Therefore, this means that you cannot masturbate, you cannot have anal sex, you cannot, and you also cannot use a condom. If you even by chance have committed this sin, then you must carry out the painful heating.

This is basically a drink that you are to have to down, and no, it isn’t Pina Colada or Bloody Marry, it is a mixture of cow urine, cow excreta, grass, water, milk, butter and yogurt. We rest our case here.



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