5 Common bathroom mistakes you've been making without realising

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Nov 23, 2016

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  • You should take extra care of hygiene in bathroom.
  • There are facts about bathroom hygiene that you should be aware of.
  • Not maintaining hygiene in bathroom can cause severe health troubles.

Bathroom is a place where hygiene becomes an important factor but there are many other factors that people are not aware of. Yes, when it is about hygiene and bathroom, there are many mistakes that you have been making but did not realise. People do take precautionary measures like washing hand after peeing or pooping, washing the loofaah, washing the bathroom floor and many more but there’s more.



There are things that you are doing in bathroom causing you more harm than good. Take a look.


Don’t let your towel stay damp

Why do you think many people hang towels in sun? The bacteria grow in damp and that is why you should never keep your towels wet. If you have taken a shower, dry the towel in sun instantly after wiping your body with it. The moisture locked in damp towels lead to bacteria development. So, next time do remember to hang it dry in the sun.


Make use of bathroom slippers always

You often walk into your bathroom, thinking that the clean and dry floor is actually clean. No, you are mistaking. No matter how clean your bathroom floor looks, it is covered with germs. The germs on a bathroom floor include fungus and yeast that can cause severe damages to your feet. You better make use of bathroom sleeper.


Should change your tooth brush every time you get sick

People don’t have the habit of changing their toothbrushes when they get sick. The germs in your saliva and your moth get transferred to toothbrushes’ bristles and some germs can survive for long. So, when you finally recover and use the same toothbrush, the germs find a way back to your system via your mouth.
The scrubbers need to be changed also

You must never make use of the same scrubbers/ sponge/ loofaah for long. You should always change your body scrubbers because after a wash they get deposited with dead skin, which gets stuck in scrubbers don’t always get washed away. This can be a potential cause of bacteria.


Using same toothbrush and scrubbers

It so happens that in a family, too many people use the same body scrubbers and toothbrushes. If one person in the family gets sick, the other person will fall sick automatically because of using same body scrubbers and same tooth brush.



Making use of cell phone in bathroom

Now, people are so addicted to their phones that they take it everywhere they go, be it toilet or be it bathroom. Not many people are aware of the fact that an average cell phone has bacteria, which makes fecal contamination a high possibility.


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