Feng Shui tips for Good Health

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Dec 30, 2010

Feng Shui tipsAll the money and wealth in the world cannot buy good health. Happiness cannot be fully experienced without good health. Apart from good diet, lifestyle and supplements to gain good health, there are ways in Feng Shui to keep healthy and fit.


  • For better health, sleep with your head pointed at your personal Tien -Yi direction according to your Kua number.
  • Avoid sleeping in the room which is under the toilet.
  • Never sleep under the exposed overhead beam will cause headache.
  • Sharp edges and protruding corners produce harmful poison arrows.
  • Avoid sleeping in the room which is at the end of a long corridor or even the door which opens directly to a staircase as the strong flow of energy will bring ill health to the occupant.
  • Never sleep facing the mirror, avoid having any water feature in the bedroom i.e. aquarium, water plants, painting of lake and river. Television is also not preferred.
  • Energize the east section of your house. East represents Health and Longevity.
  • In some houses one feels there is no heart and is reflected in the people living there, I suggest having a Mandir or place of worship somewhere near the centre of the house.
  • Live objects such as plants, flowers and pets have their own life force. Plants and flowers are healthy environment.   If you nurture the plants, the universe will repay you.
  • Shift in colour brings sometimes dramatic shift in energy. Adding yellows and also earthy tones to your health and balance zone can improve your health Ch'i.
  • Use incense, essential oils as good smell like pleasant sound and colour has healing effect on us.


Hang or place healing crystals on the window, crystals gives the room a rainbow effect which is very healthy:


  • Clear crystals for general health and happiness.
  • Rose crystals for emotion al health.
  • Green crystals good for physical health.
  • Blue crystals help in mental clarity.
  • Red crystals help in giving a jump start to your life.


Feng Shui literally means wind and water. Essentially, it is the belief that the environment in which we live should be balanced by ensuring a flow of wind (feng) and water (shui). The aim is to prevent good energy from being dispersed by wind and to have the good energy retained by water.


Image Source: http://bit.ly/cneua2

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