Female Sexual Problems

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Mar 15, 2013

Female Sexual Problems

Female sexual problems are anything that interferes with women’s satisfaction during sexual activity. In order to understand the female sexual problems it is important to know the sexual response cycle. Desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution are the four steps of sexual response cycle. Every women progress in this cycle in different manner, but sexual problem arises when any of the stage does not occur at all.


Here are some of the Female Sexual Problems


Inhibited Desires

Lack of sexual desire stops the sexual response cycle before it starts. Inhibited desires can be a consequence of various factors such as hormonal changes, some medical conditions and their treatment. For instance, cancer treatment hampers the sexual desire.


Orgasm Disorder

Orgasm disorder is characterised by the inability to be sexually aroused. When a woman delays or fails to have orgasm even after a normal sexual excitement then it is due to orgasm disorder. The problem can have psychological, physiological or even pharmacological origin.

Orgasm is also affected by the kind of relationship both the partners share.


Sexual Pain Disorders


Sexual pain disorder is another sex problem in women wherein, there is pain during and after sexual intercourse. It can be of three type namely- Dyspareunia, vaginismus and vulvodynia


  • Dyspareunia is caused due to lack of lubricant. This can be due to in fear and anxiety about sex, insufficient sexual excitement or hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy, breast feeding or menopause.
  • Involuntary spasm of vaginal wall leads to vaginismus. It can result because of certain traumatic condition such as rape or sexual abuse.
  • Vulvodynia pain is occurs due to inflammation of vaginal areas or valvar skin.


Causes of Female Sexual Problems


  • For some women their childhood experiences may not enable them to have positive outlook towards sex.
  • Woman who had become prey of certain sexual mishap is more likely to lose interest in sex.
  • Stress of everyday life can also contribute to the sex problems in women.
  • Problem in relationship with your partner.
  • Hormonal changes due to menstrual cycle, menopause or pregnancy.
  • Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or depression can also lead to sex problem in women.


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