Feel beautiful from within to be beautiful outside

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May 19, 2010

Looking good is a major confidence-booster. Many of us make regular rounds of beauty salons and parlours. There is no harm in doing this, as these salons not only enhance the way we look but also take care of the hygiene factor. Yet, it is equally important to even feel beautiful from within. For, if you do not feel wonderful from inside, all the outer treatments won't make you look good.


Our food and mood both play an important role in shaping our beauty. Small alterations or additions in our daily habits are all that is needed. To start with, the age-old saying 'early to bed, early to rise' will work wonders in many ways. Try to fit this in the everyday schedule and see the results. Needless to say, a sound sleep will help dump the stress with which we live throughout the day. A fresh mind will definitely ooze out freshness on your face.


Today we live life at a very fast pace. This forces us to skip essential food habits like a healthy breakfast. Many of us even get into the habit of skipping it, reason being getting late for work. You may not notice this within the first few instances of skipping the breakfast, but with time when it turns into a habit, you may wonder why your face has started looking pale. Besides, consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables is very essential. Drinking plenty of water (eight glasses or 2.5 litres daily) will also help achieve the most sought after glowing skin. One glass of water when you wake up and one before going to bed is important, as your body releases moisture when you are asleep.


These may sound very familiar that you have been hearing since childhood. But these very essentials are what many of us fail to absorb. Many of us must have even heard them from our beauticians when we complain about losing our beauty.


Simple yet essential and effective habits are what need to be followed if you are concerned about your beauty. As the saying goes, beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder, it also remains very much in the mind. A content mind will always fulfill one's beauty quotient.
Of course, allow your beauticians to only enhance your inner beauty on the outside. Stay healthy and beautiful today, always!

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