Falling Birthrates in Japan a consequence of Celibacy Syndrome

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Oct 23, 2013

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It has been found that the under 40 population of Japan is losing its interest in participating in conventional relationships. About millions of the people living in the country are not even dating and an increasing number of them cannot be bothered with even the idea of sex.

Falling birthrates in JapanFor the Japanese government, celibacy syndrome, as this condition is referred to as is a prospective national catastrophe that is looming over their heads. Japan’s population stands the lowest in the world i.e. 126 million and this figure has been shrinking for the last decade. It has been projected that the birth date will further shrink by 2060. According to one of the relationship counselors, what the country is currently going through can be referred to as a flight from human intimacy, which she adds is partly because of the government.  

Statistics report that the number of single people in Japan has reached a record high. According to a survey conducted in the year 2011, 61 per cent of unmarried men and 49 per cent of women aged between 18-34 years were not in any sort of romantic relationship, which stresses on the rise of such cases by close to 10 per cent from the previous five years. Another study found that about a third of people aged below 30 years never dated at all. A survey by the Japan Family Planning Association found that about 45 per cent of women aged between 16-24 years were either not interested or totally despised sexual contact. Even more alarming is that more than a quarter of the men felt the same.

The economic stagnation of the country for over 20 years is a clear sign of the degrading psyche. The country is also fighting the effects of nuclear-destruction-scarred psyche of the 2011 earthquake, radioactive meltdown and tsunami. A lot of men and women believed that in such a political environment, there is no scope for love and that it can really lead to nothing.

Also, the growth of modern lives of young people with the world of digital technology, some have found themselves so attaches to characters in cartoons or video games that they do not get aroused unless they see a character from the game or cartoon. Moreover, a lot of women go by the Japanese proverb that marriage is a grave for a woman because first, she is taken for granted in the hands of mistresses, second, once she is married she has little scope of getting a promotion as the bosses start to assume that you will the woman will get pregnant and start working in flexible hours.

Despite the bureaucratic disapproval to parenting without marrying, a lot of people wish to be with someone for emotional warmth without the hassle of marriage or commitment.


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