Facts you get to know if you have sex regularly

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Mar 14, 2016
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  • Alcohol can sometimes be a hindrance to erection.
  • No matter how much you crave it, unsafe sex should not be an option.
  • Men should exercise to have an uninterrupted stamina.
  • Spend more time on your lady in bed, her body demands it.

For those of us who are regularly having sex, it would seem that there are many things we weren't previously aware of. But forget the knowledge bit of it for now and think for a moment what a blessing sex is. To enjoy this pleasure responsibly perhaps makes it an even better experience. As easy as it may sound, the truth is that the world of sex has its own mysteries, that which cannot be deduced without experience.

 Facts you get to know if you have sex regularly

Ask anyone who has an active sex life and they will tell you that it requires some level of sincerity and dedication. There is constant pressure to please your partner for example or the question of unwanted pregnancy. There are certain things that should always be kept in mind. Here are some revelations about sex, experienced by those who have it regularly.


Exercise helps

A lot of people realise midway during sex that they are losing their stamina, getting tired easily and worse (for men), they are losing their erection. You may find it strange but exercise is a one stop solution to great sex life . It is truly a great way to get fit and perform better in bed. For women, keggel exercises can be especially helpful as it might help them achieve orgasm. Men should exercise to keep their erection going and having an uninterrupted stamina!


Safe sex

Many lives have been ruined and many relationships  torn apart  due to unsafe sex. Whether it is unwanted pregnancy or STDs, protected sex is always a better option. Those having sex regularlywould know the anxiety of a delayed period or the signs of an alien disease. You really do not want to be worrying every month, so play it safe, always. Moreover, there are female condoms too these days and a host of other options, so why not make use of them?


Not just about intercourse

One of the most important facts of sex is that it is not just about sexual intercourse. The act of sex is much more than just penetration and people having sex regularly know this well. Its lust and love (most times) and a host of foreplays moves and techniques before the final act of penetration. So, instead of jumping to it, take it slow and go forward with it. Sex is great only if you allow it to be so, or else it can just be a boring game of in and out.


Too wasted is a waste

While moderate amount of alcohol can be a great way to kick away your inhibitions, getting wasted and having sex can be pretty boring. Alcohol is something that mostly makes us sleepy and if you are sleepy, how will you have sex? Too much alcohol will definitely make you lose your mind and the entire thing might go wrong. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone who has an experience! Also, alcohol can sometimes be a hindrance to erection and so there goes a good night. Therefore, it is important not to get too wasted and vomit on each other, as there  will be no sex in any way. Be careful!


Women are hard to please

Ask any man who is a seasoned performer, sex can be tedious at times. Women are not as easy as men when it comes to sex. This means that the amount of time men take to reach orgasm is way less than the amount if time taken by women. This also means that men need to work harder to please their women. Most men do not realise that the woman also needs her pleasure, but once you get in the game you come to understand that pleasing the woman is the foremost thing to do, your pleasure will come along in no time. Therefore, spend more time on your lady in bed, her body demands it, this is a fact.



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