Eyes can tell one’s Sexuality

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Aug 08, 2012

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yes can tell ones Sexuality

Eyes are windows to the soul, letting us innately read a great deal about a person’s personality just by looking through his/her eyes. There is a little new addition to this theory. People can now know what one’s sexual orientation is through hi/her eyes. The study was done by researchers from the Cornell University. The study was done with the help of specialised infrared lens to measure the papillary changes of participants watching erotic videos. The researchers said that the pupils widened most to the videos of people that the participants found attractive, thereby revealing what sexual orientation they belonged to.

The lead author at Cornell University, Gerulf Rieger, said that the researchers wanted to find an alternative and automatic method to finding the sexuality of a person. Reiger said that with the new technology, they can find out the sexual orientation of those unwilling to participate in genital arousal.

The researchers are also positive that the technology will help them in finding all the kinds of sexualities that have been ignored in researches earlier.



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