Expected duration of Peyronies Disease

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Feb 15, 2012

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Peyronie's disease causes pain and a curve in the penis. Mild curve in the penis is noted in many men,  but if it causes no pain or problem with sexual performance, a slightly curved penis should not be a cause of concern and you don’t need to see a doctor. If, however, the curve becomes more serious, interferes with sexual function or causes pain during intercourse, consult your doctor.

Expected duration of Peyronies Disease

If the penis is curved since birth or it is caused by scarring from an injury, it will not go away unless it is corrected with surgery.
Studies in men with peyronie's disease have shown that the symptoms may improve without treatment in some men. About 30% of men note gradual improvement of symptoms over 12 to 18 months without any specific treatment. The disease, however, tends to progress in many men (about 40%). The symptoms may remain stable in many cases. In a study, about 47% of the cases had stable symptoms.

Experts divide the disease phase in patients into an active phase and a mature or stable phase. In most cases, the painful erections typically resolve over 6 months and the penile deformity stabilises by about 12 months since the start of symptoms. If the signs and symptoms of the disease persist for longer than 2-years in a person, it is highly unlikely to resolve spontaneously. Furthermore, if you have associated Dupuytren’s contractures and calcified plaque,  the disease may not resolve spontaneously. The scarring tends to be permanent or may worsen over time.


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