Best Exercises for Toned Arms

Exercises that will give you the opportunity to flaunt toned arms in tank tops and bathing suits, thereby making you look sexy this all year long.

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Best Exercises for Toned Arms

Are your hefty arms restraining you from wearing tank tops, sleeveless tees, shirts and bathing suits in this soaring temperature? Let’s get them to a perfectly toned shape with some basic arm exercises given below.


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Side Arm Curl

This exercise will tone your biceps and shoulders and strengthen the core muscles. You’ll need a dumbbell and a stability ball. Follow the steps below to perform side arm curl correctly.

  • Hold a dumbbell in your left hand
  • Lie on the stability ball on your left side. Rest your upper left arm on the ball
  • Try to move the ball while extending your left arm towards the floor
  • Now turn to have your back on the ball and lift the left elbow up to shoulder height
  • You may switch sides and do 15-20 repetitions

Triple Play

This will tone your biceps, triceps and involve the shoulders. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells to do this exercise. Follow the given instruction to perform this exercise.

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand
  • Stand with your feet apart and make sure they are as far as your shoulder width
  • Lift your arms straight up the shoulders. Palms should face up
  • Throw your elbows and palms 90 degrees upward and keep the upper arms parallel to the floor
  • Extend the arms overhead and make the palms face each other
  • Bend the elbows behind the head
  • Get back to the starting position and repeat the exercise 15 to 25 times

Hand Push

The hand-push exercise works in sync with your breathing pattern. It takes as much time as you take to inhale and exhale. Follow the given instructions below to perform this exercise correctly.

  • Extend your hands and bring them close to your chest. Join your palms together with the fingers in an upward direction i.e. facing the ceiling
  • Breathe in deeply. Exhale while further extending your hands as hard as possible
  • You may sense a  slight trembling of arms if you are performing the exercise correctly
  • This exercise will tone your biceps, triceps and strengthen your chest muscles. Perform nine repetitions

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Arm Circle

This is a great exercise to tone your biceps, triceps and strengthen your shoulder bones. Arm circle also works for your back.  You will need a pair of half-kg dumbbells for each hand. Follow the given instructions to perform arm circle correctly:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Extend your arms straight out on either side at shoulder height
  • While keeping your shoulders bent, make 20 reverse circles with your arms
  • Now, do 20 circles in the forward direction. Repeat two-three sets of 20 each

Along with the aforementioned exercises, you can do cardio exercises that will help you tone your arms while also working the whole body up.

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