Eunuchs Outlive their Uncastrated Counterparts

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Sep 27, 2012

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In an analysis of ancient eunucEunuchs Outlive their Uncastrated Counterpartsh records, it was found that male sex hormones shorten men’s life expectancy.

According to the analysis, eunuchs (castrated men) lived around 19 years longer than men, who were not castrated, but belonged to the same social class. Korean researchers found that  eunuchs outlived men because of the absence of the male sex hormones present in testicles.

The findings of the study were drawn after the careful assessment of genealogy records of noble members of the Imperial court of the Korean Chosun dynasty (AD 1392-1910). The study is published in the journal ‘Current Biology’.

Researcher from the Inha University, Kyung-Jin Min, said that the study will be crucial to figure out why there is difference between the life expectancy of men and women. Min and his fellow researcher from Korea University examined records of 81 eunuchs, who lived centuries ago. Three eunuchs out of 81 even turned centenarians.


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