Things To Know About Vaginal White Discharge

By Md Ijaj Khan
2023-01-23,22:28 IST

Women experience a slew of issues due to not prioritising their sexual health. One of them is white discharge. Here are a few facts about white discharge that you should be aware of.

What Is White Discharge?

White discharge is a typical condition in women, and it usually lasts one to two days before or after a period. White water is secreted from the woman's vagina in this condition. The amount and duration of this discharge can differ amongst women.


White discharge occurs due to a lack of nutrition in the body and bacteria inside the vagina. Excessive mental stress, heavy work or exercise can also cause this condition.

Problems During White Discharge

Women have to face many problems during white discharge, such as itching, burning sensation, back pain, and body stiffness.

At What Age Does It Comes?

The risk of infection in women increases due to white discharge. Usually, this condition has seen more in married women, but it can happen to a girl or woman of any age.

What To Worry About

Excessive white discharge can also signify infection in your internal body parts if there is a change in smell and colour.


If you are suffering from a white discharge, it should be appropriately examined and treated by consulting an experienced gynaecologist. Also, you can get rid of it by making positive lifestyle changes.

Every woman has experienced white discharge or vaginal discharge, and it is a very common problem. However, excessive discharge can cause serious complications. If you have any difficulty, consult a doctor immediately.