7 Myths About IVF Busted By An Expert

By Puru Bansal
28 July 2022

Myths about IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is the process of fertilization for those who are facing troubles in pregnancy. Dr. C Geetha Haripriya busts some myths about this process.

IVF Leads to Multiple Babies

As per guidelines, there is only a 20% chance of multiple pregnancy through the process of IVF. Females of older age are more likely to have 3 embryos.

IVF increases risks of Birth Defects

IVF procedure does not increase the risk of congenital birth defects in the baby. It helps pre-implantation genetic testing of embryo.

IVF Increases Cancer Risk

There is no proven relationship between cancer and IVF according to medical research till now. Women can try IVF without having any evident risks of cancer.

One IVF Failure Ends It All

Some people believe that one failure in IVF can reduce the chances of pregnancy forever. This is false, you can still have 4-5 IVF cycles comfortably.

Infertility Leads to Reproductive Problems

Around 35% of the infertility cases occur due to female factors and same occurs due to make reproductive issues. Hence it does not makes females more vulnerable.

IVF gives 100 percent success

Unfortunately, it does not guarantee a successful pregnancy even after high success rate. The success rate is around 60-80% in couples below 35 years of age.

Only Infertile Couples Opt for IVF

It is a common myth that only couples can opt for IVF. Anyone can opt for IVF procedure without compromising on baby’s health.


IVF is a successful and safe procedure for couple to help conceive who are not able to get pregnant naturally. Consult an expert for advice.