Beauty Products To Not Apply On Your Skin In Summers

By Tanya Srivastava
13 June 2022

Skin In Summers

Skin in summer requires more hydration and fewer products that clog the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe. Here is what you should avoid.

Facial Oil

During the night one can use lightweight facial oil however in the day it ought to be skipped to keep skin inflammation under control.


While picking up a face cleanser settle on a forming cleaning face wash and dodge cream based cleaning agents as its thick consistency adds to the oil on the skin.

Low SPF Sunscreen

Give your skin the care they deserve by Applying a layer of good sunscreen as it is a non-negotiable step in your beauty regime.

Grainy scrubs and masks

Big grains in the scrubs and masks irritates the skin and instead of solving it adds to the problem giving birth to skin concerns.

Alcoholic Toners

Say a "no" to alcohol-based toners. Pick a non-alcoholic toner. It will help to gain the skin’s glow by getting in the layers and rectifying the concern from the base.

Products Containing Parabens

One should avoid products with Parabens. Read your labels carefully. It can be in any product ranging from face wash, night cream, makeup, masks, body wash and shampoo.


Products with fragrance often, the ingredients include tons of chemicals that can cause allergies, hormone disruption which can lead to reproductive health issues and infertility.