7 Symptoms Of Depression You Should Not Ignore

By Navya Kharbanda
25 May 2022

Depression is a mood disorder which causes persistent sadness and many other warning signs. Here are the symptoms of this condition.

Loss Of Interest

Loss of interest in your own hobbies and interests can be a sign of depression. A person might lack a flair of optimism towards life.


It is normal to feel tired, but extreme fatigue can be caused by depression. Studies show that more than 90% of people with depression experience body fatigue.

Changes In Appetite

Eating too less or too much for comfort is also a symptom of depression. Odd changes in your appetite or weight should be watched.

Suicidal Thoughts

Most people suffering from severe depression have suicidal thoughts. It is advised to talk about such feelings to an expert.

Physical Pains

Depression is a mental health condition but leads to physical problems as well. The symptoms mostly include chronic pains and digestive problems.

Disturbed Sleep

Your mood can have a direct impact on the sleep cycle. Therefore, irregular sleeping patterns is also a common symptom of depression.

Lack Of Concentration

If a person is suffering from depression, there is a lack of focus and concentration. Depression affects memory and concentrating powers even in simple conversations.

Depression is a difficult to manage mental health condition. It is important to identify the symptoms for timely diagnosis and treatment.