What Are The Causes Of Brain Stroke

By Md Ijaj Khan
2023-01-24,14:41 IST

A brain stroke is a sudden attack inside the brain caused by a ruptured blood vessel supplying blood to the brain or by a blockage of blood flow to the brain. Here are some causes of brain stroke you should know.

Due To Diabetes

A poorly managed diabetes condition leads to high blood sugar, which affects blood vessels and other organs and increases the risk of stroke.

High BP

High BP patients are at the highest risk of stroke. There is damage to the arteries in high BP, and sometimes blood vessels can burst or leak, which can cause brain stroke.

In Heart Patients

The risk of brain stroke is higher in heart patients. Lack of medicines or other negligence in heart patients increases the risk of brain stroke.

Due To Smoking

Smoking damages your body in many ways. It first increases BP and then almost doubles the risk of ischemic stroke.

Due To Stress

Stress increases BP, it is linked to lack of sleep, increases obesity, and causes heart disease. All these things can lead to brain stroke.

Due To No Exercise

Not exercising invites many diseases. Yes, due to not exercising, you can become a victim of diseases like obesity, BP and sugar. This can further lead to brain stroke.

These are some causes of brain stroke which you should be aware of. If you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately.