Side Effects Of Drinking Tea In Excess

By Md Ijaj Khan
2023-01-30,18:10 IST

Often people start their day with tea. But do you know excessive tea drinking can be dangerous for your health? Here are some side effects of having too much tea that you must be aware of.

Digestion Issues

Caffeine is in tea, due to which gas is formed in the stomach. In this way, you have to face many problems of digestive power, in which case your intestines can also get spoiled.

Inadequate Sleep

Drinking too much tea makes you less sleepy. Due to lack of sleep, you may have to face many problems like stress, skin problems, etc.

Blood Pressure

Drinking too much tea also affects blood pressure. Avoid drinking excessive tea if you are a patient with high blood pressure. It can affect your overall health too.


Due to excessive tea consumption, body hormones become unbalanced, which causes problems like acne and pimples.


Consuming too much tea can cause you nervousness. Tannin is present in tea, which causes this problem.

Although having tea in moderation has some benefits as well, here excessive consumption of tea may lead to these problems. So, avoid excessive consumption, and enjoy your tea.