5 Reasons Why Staying Up Late Is Bad For You

By Md Ijaj Khan
2022-11-24,19:27 IST

You might be calling yourself a ‘night owl’, but the reality of sleep deprivation is that staying up too late is bad for your health. Here are 5 reasons why staying up late is bad for you.


Sleep deprivation leads to increased cortisol levels, the hormone which gets released during stress. Essentially being sleep deprived either in quality or quantity, can increase the stress levels.

Unhealthy Body

Body’s psychiatric well-being, immune, endocrine, cardiac system, and overall performance level can be negatively impacted by sleep deprivation.

Poor Performance

Staying up late leads to sleep deprivation, which can be counterproductive in getting things done. Your focus worsens, and productivity decreases.

Irregular Sleep Habits

Sleep deprivation may carry over into an unhealthy sleep schedule. If you are repeatedly staying up late, you may feel the need to sleep in thus throwing off an ideal sleep cycle.

Higher Body Fat

People who stay up late on a regular basis have higher levels of body fat. They are also at elevated risk for diabetes.

Sleep impacts your productivity, relationships, and overall health. If you are combatting your lack of sleep with caffeine or suffering from drowsiness, talk to your doctor.