5 Healthy Sleeping Habits You Should Follow

By Sushmita Sharma
2023-01-23,23:02 IST

Sleep is essential to promote the overall health of your body. Poor sleep quality can lead to various health conditions. Read on to learn five sleeping habits you should follow to ensure sound sleep.

Sleeping Schedule

Plan a sleeping schedule and fix your sleeping and waking times. Avoid sleeping for more than eight hours.

Healthy Diet

Avoid heavy meals or skipping meals before sleeping, as it can disrupt sleep. Do not take caffeine or alcohol during night hours.

Avoid Taking Daytime Naps

Power naps can be beneficial but sleeping for long or late during the day is not suitable.

Suitable Environment

Maintain a relaxing, clean, dark, and quiet sleeping environment to ensure sound sleep.

Physical Activity

Performing physical activities like exercise, yoga, or sports can improve the quality of your sleep.