5 Signs Of Breast Cancer In Male

By Sambhav Kumar
2023-01-25,10:31 IST

Breast cancer can affect people of all genders and sexes because everyone has breast tissue. Males with breast cancer are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages. Read to know about the 5 signs of breast cancer in males.

A Breast Lump Or Bulk

Breast cancer may be indicated by a painless lump in the breast. While breast cancer might cause pain, most people detect a lump that is not painful.

Changes In Nipples

Discharge of any colour or volume from the nipple is observed. Nipple of male quickly curls inward.

Changes In Skin

Breast cancer tumours may pull or alter the skin. A person may observe signs like rough, dry, or uneven breast skin and changes in skin colour.

Changes In Lymph Node

Swollen lymph nodes in the armpits, collarbone, or neck are large lymph nodes elsewhere in the body, in this case, the swelling does not go away. Lymph nodes appear unpleasant or tender, even if they are the same size as usual.

Other Changes In Breasts

Breast cancer tumours can pull and change the skin. A person may notice the symptoms which include breast skin that is rough, dry, or irregular dimples or puckering.

Males with breast cancer have a 5-year survival rate of 40-65%, depending on the stage of diagnosis. This is because men may not spot cancer as early as women, and their doctors may overlook it.