6 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

By Varun Verma
2023-01-24,20:20 IST

People have been taking garlic into their diet for ages. However, many people avoid it due to strong after breath. To make sure you do not miss out on its benefits, here are six easy ways to get rid of garlic breath.

Use Mouthrinse

Swish your mouth with mouthwash after you eat foods containing garlic. This will mask the garlic odour and will help to suppress it.

Chew Gum

If you do not have much time to brush or rinse your mouth, chewing gum is another option. Chewing gum help prevent the garlic odour for a short time and stimulates your salivary glands.

Drink Milk

Drinking a glass of milk is another option to get rid of garlic breath, as it lowers the quantity of odour-producing compounds, like sulphur, left behind by garlic.

Chew Herb Leaves

One of the more well-liked natural cures for foul breath is chewing herb leaves like parsley. Many restaurants make use of parsley to garnish plates to reduce odours after meals.

Green Tea

You can also grab a cup of green tea to get rid of the strong garlic odour. It can eliminate bad breath more effectively than mint, parsley, or chewing gum.

Drink Lime Water

Drinking lime water is also effective in curbing post-garlic breath. Lime has a neutralising action on garlic and other items that produce bad breath.

While garlic breath leaves your mouth in some time, these tips will help you get rid of it early. Despite this, make sure you brush your teeth daily, followed by flossing, to have good oral health.