Reasons Why You Must Have Panjiri In Winters

By Md Ijaj Khan
2023-01-30,15:18 IST

Panjiri is prepared with flour, roasting it in ghee and adding many dry fruits. Panjiri is considered very beneficial for health. Here are a few benefits of panjiri you should know.


Panjiri contains essential minerals like protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron, as well as fats and fibre, which can help provide many benefits to the body.

Aid Weight Loss

If you want to reduce weight, Panjiri can be your best option. Many types of dry fruits are used in Panjiri, which can avoid overeating and help control weight.

Boosts Energy

If you feel tired and weak, you should include Panjiri in your diet. Nutrients found in Panjiri can help in providing energy to the body.

Aid In Digestion

Panjiri helps reduce digestion and stomach-related problems. Vitamins A, B, E and K are found in ghee present in Panjiri, which can help cure the constipation problem.

Boosts Immunity

Many types of dry fruits, gum, and ghee are used in Panjiri. The nutrients found in these can help strengthen immunity.

Incorporate this incredible delicacy into your regular diet during winter to reap its full benefits. Always consult with a dietician before making any changes to your diet.