5 Foods To Never Eat With Tea

By Sushmita Sharma
2023-03-17,15:30 IST

Most people love tea, which is part of their daily routine. However, there are some food items that you should never pair with it.

Green Veggies

You should avoid eating green veggies with tea as it can prevent iron absorption in your body.


Many people consume lemon tea; however, it isn’t beneficial for your health as it turns acidic and can cause bloating.


You should refrain from eating foods containing turmeric with tea as it leads to gas formation and may lead to constipation.


Consuming nuts with tea is a strict no. It contains iron which is completely incompatible with milk, tea, and milk tea.

Cold Foods

Tea should never be consumed with cold foods as it hampers your digestive process and can lead to nausea.


Drinking tea can be relaxing and refreshing; however, make sure you don’t pair it with these five food items to avoid health issues.