Egg Is Beneficial For Hair, Skin And More? Know All Benefits

By Puru Bansal
28 July 2022

Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Egg is rich in nutrient and acts like a superfood that can improve your skin, hair and overall health. It contains proteins, vitamin A, E, biotin and folate.

Tightens Skin

Lutein present in eggs hydrates your skin and provides elasticity to it. These can help to repair the damage skin tissues and provide a more firm skin.

Eliminates Blackheads

Egg whites contain a protein called as albumin which can help to tighten your skin and removes excess oil from it. This contributes to elimination of blackheads.

Prevents Acne

It is effective in closing pores that dry up the excess oil, clean pores and helps your skin breathe. This helps to prevent acne growth.

Promotes Hair Growth

Eggs are rich source or protein and biotin that are essential for improving growth of hair. Applying protein rich foods can be linked to hair loss.

Makes Hair Smooth and Shiny

Protein in eggs is known to provide shiny and smooth hair. Hence a number of people try this to have more strengthen and lustrous look.

Promotes Eye Health

Eggs contain helpful vitamin and minerals such as calcium, vitamin A, copper and zinc that helps to improve weak eyesight.

Boosts immunity

Nutrients present in eggs boost your immunity and provide you with great source of vitamin A. It also helps to combat infections.

Aids Weight Loss

Another health benefit of eggs is that it can aid weight loss. You can incorporate eggs in your diet to help lose significant weight along with exercise.


Eggs can be used in a number of ways to enhance your skin health, provide benefits to hair and improve vision as well as overall immunity.