5 After-Dinner Low-Calorie Snacks

By Ishaan Arora
2023-03-18,18:50 IST

Snacking is one of the most difficult aspects of losing weight, so here are five low-calorie snacks to enjoy after dinner.

Greek Yoghurt

One cup of Greek yoghurt contains more than 15 grams of protein as well as probiotics that aid digestion.

Milk Cornflakes

A serving of milk cornflakes contains more than 10 grams of protein, which can aid in nighttime satiety.


Soup is not only filling, but it also contains fibre, which aids in the prevention of bloating.

Half Cup Oats

Oats contain complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested, allowing you to sleep deeply.

Homemade Kheer

A small bowl of kheer contains enough fibre to aid digestion and has less than 200 calories.


Portion control is critical if you want to lose weight, so when you eat, don't eat more than 70 per cent of your hunger.