Repercussions Of Not Oiling Hair

By Tanya Srivastava
02 June 2022

Your mane needs proper nutrition for stronger roots, shiny strands and healthy growth. Here are a few side effects if you don't oil your hair.


Not oiling fragile the hair which in turn leads to breakage. If not immediately treated, breakage may also lead to complete baldness.


Oiling helps in reaching out from the roots to tips of the hair thereby nourishing it. Oils like coconut and almond caters to bid hair dry a goodbye.

Slow Growth

Oil is the prime nutrient of our hair and scalp. When the hair lacks this nutrition, it in turn slows the hair growth.


Oiling helps in taming the hair and keeping frizziness at bay. Not oiling the hair disrupts the natural fall of the hair by making it frizzy.


Not taking enough care of your hair, and not oiling causes the build of dandruff on the scalp.

Flaky Scalp

The scalp becomes flaky due to the lack of oil on it. Oiling caters to the situation by providing the oil that is also not produced on its own.

Bacterial Infection

Oiling the hair regularly helps in reducing the hygral fatigue, and swelling of hair. Hence, not oiling can lead to bacterial infections on the scalp.

Hair oiling plays an important role in protecting hair from the everyday wear and tear. To protect your hair from the aforementioned, oil regularly.