7 Step Korean Hair Care Routine For Strong, Shiny Hair

By Chanchal Sengar
08 June 2022

Korean Hair Care

Koreans have beautiful straight, silky and soft hair as they follow a strict hair care routine. You can also follow the same.

Scalp Scrub

First step includes use of a scalp scrub. Exfoliating your scalp helps in eliminating dirt and dead skin from the scalp.

Hair mask

Using a hair mask at least twice a week helps in providing deep nourishment. Opt for natural, homemade hair masks.


Shampoo your hair with whatever products suits your hair type and texture. Gently massage it in and wash your head.

Scalp massage

After shampooing, gently massage your scalp with wet hands. This stimulates blood circulation which helps in strengthening the roots.

Vinegar wash

This is a mandatory step which includes rinsing hair with vinegar water post shampooing. Vinegar helps in balancing pH of scalp.


Now comes using a hair conditioner. This is essential to moisturize your hair and provide needful hydration and nourishment.


Use a good serum to protect your hair from breakage and hair fall post shampoo. This also helps in sun protection.


If you follow this Korean hair care routine, your hair health and beauty will certainly get enhanced.