5 Ways You Can Remove Facial Hair At Home

By Chanchal Sengar
08 June 2022

Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair are delicate and you cannot remove them through body hair removal methods. Here are some tips to try at home.

Honey & sugar

Mix these to form a thick paste. Apply it on your face. Place a cotton cloth and gently pull in one go.

Cornstarch & Egg White

Mix cornstarch, egg white and sugar in equal amount to form a thick paste. Apply this on areas of facial hair. Pull it off in one go.

Turmeric and papaya

Papaya opens hair follicles and turmeric helps health heal skin. Apply a paste of these on you face and scrub it off once dry.

Oatmeal & banana

Mixing a ripe banana with oatmeal acts as natural exfoliator. This paste can eliminate facial hair after 3-4 use.

Rose water & gram flour

Make a thick paste using these two ingredients and apply it on your face with facial hair. You can add lemon juice for better results.

Avoid face waxing

Face waxing helps remove facial hair but it causes sagging skin over time. This can cause wrinkling and fine lines.


These natural remedies can effectively help get rid of facial hair at home without waxing and shaving your face.