5 Ways To Recycle An Unused Perfume

By Chanchal Sengar
20 June 2022

Reuse Perfume

There are many times we buy a perfume but not like the fragrance later. You can recycle that fragrance for other uses.

Recycling Old Perfume

You should not use an old perfume on skin because they can cause certain side-effects. Instead, make other things or use it the other way.

Scented Candles

You can make scented candles with an old or unused perfume. Add some drops of the perfume in melted candle wax and then mould it.

Room diffuser

Make your surrounding fragrant by using leftover perfume as a room diffuser. Put some reed sticks in glass with perfumed liquid.

Air freshener

If you are out of room freshener, you can use the unused perfume. This is a temporary fix to indoor odour.

Bathing liquid

You can make a DIY body wash by mixing some liquid perfume with soap water. This would give you a spa-like experience.

Perfumed Hair Spray

To make your hair smell good, you can use an old perfume with mild fragrance. Spray some on your comb and make your hair.


You can always recycle and reuse an old or unused perfume fragrance. These lifestyle hacks can help you live a sustainable life.