5 Ways To Avoid Workout-Related Injuries

By Ishaan Arora
2023-03-19,11:51 IST

Injuries are common if you exercise on a regular basis, so here are five ways to reduce the effects of injuries.


Warming up on a regular basis increases blood flow in the body and alerts the body to the upcoming shock, which helps prevent injuries.

Practise Right Form

Maintaining proper form and posture can help you exercise the right muscles while also preventing joint, shoulder, and back pain.

Avoid Doing Same Exercise Daily

When you work the same muscle every day, it gets overtrain, which increases your chance of getting an injury.

Go Slow

You should always treat your workout session as your first day and start with small weights and then gradually increase it.

Avoid Calorie Deficit

When you are in a calorie deficit, you are usually low on energy and nutrients, which is why you end up tearing up your tendons.


A normal workout or sports injury usually takes four weeks to recover, but if it is taking longer, you should see a doctor.