Everyday Exercises For Stress Relief

By Puru Bansal
17 June 2022

Exercises for Stress Relief

There could be multiple factors that could lead to stress, check out these exercises to relieve your stress.


Yoga has postures that provide core strength. This reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases and balances physical and mental health.

Brisk Walking

One of the most basic forms of exercise is walking. It reduces production of stress hormones and alleviates self-confidence.


It is a low-impact workout which could relieve daily stress. It can burn around 200 calories act as a stress buster.


Grooving to the music has both physical, emotional and mental health benefits. It increases agility and heart rate.

Circuit Training

It could be an alternative for weight training. Circuit training increases heart rate and lowers stress levels which also reduces risk of dementia.

Tai Chi

Known as “Meditation in Motion”, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that links physical movement to mental stress. It helps in channeling your energy.


All these exercises are a part of your daily activity that could reduce mental stress. This could have positive effect on your daily lifestyle.