Emotional Health during Pregnancy

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Sep 25, 2012

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Emotional Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy, a new phase in a woman’s life, is often considered as a joyous event, however, it’s not the same for every woman. Along with the tumultuous hormonal changes pertaining to manifold physical changes, pregnancy may be mentally and emotionally taxing for the expecting woman. It’s estimated that out of ten pregnant women, at least one suffers from emotional and psychological turmoil.


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The emotional distress during pregnancy may be blamed on the worries of the arrival of a baby, added financial burden, your health, baby’s health, safe delivery and relationship with your dear ones. If you’re suffering from an emotional upheaval during pregnancy, you may be experiencing the below mentioned symptoms.

  • frequent bouts of depression
  • frequent bouts of cry
  • increased level of anxiety
  • persistent mood swings
  • uneasiness
  • change in appetite (beyond what is considered normal during pregnancy)
  • unexplained weight loss
  • lethargy even after sleep
  • sleeplessness [Read: Dealing with Insomnia during Pregnancy]
  • reduced level of concentration
  • difficulty in making decisions
  • recurrent thoughts of suicide
  • unexplained feeling of guilt and
  • sense of worthlessness.

Take a note of these symptoms before they aggravate and immediately refer to a psychologist. Also, let your gynaecologist learn about your mental and emotional condition.


Tips to Manage Emotional Distress during Pregnancy

  • Spill the beans— The best antidote to stress and anxiety during pregnancy is to confide in someone close.  You may share your worries about your baby’s well-being and her responsibilities with your mum-to-be friends or new mommies. Also, your family, partner and midwife will ensure your happy and relaxed state of mind by lending you an ear.
  • It’s time to chill! — To feel good, take out some leisure time from your routine.  Catching up with old friends, going for a movie and a romantic evening with your partner will ease your stress and anxiety. A day out with your family will take your mind off pregnancy issues for a few hours.[Read: Time to Bid Farewell to Stress]
  • Stop feeling guilty— Pregnancy is often described as a rollercoaster ride throughout which you experience a range of emotions. At times, you’ll be anxious and tensed and at others, you’ll be overwhelmed with joy of approaching motherhood. It’s just that you need a break to enjoy the feeling of nurturing life inside your womb rather than being worried and stressed.


If you’re going to be a parent, so is your husband. Let your husband know all your worries so you can together discuss and plan your baby’s future. Strengthening your bond with your husband will lead to fewer troubles between both of you after the baby arrives.

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