Effects of Malaria during Pregnancy

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Jan 19, 2013

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Pregnant Woman There are many adverse effects of Malaria during pregnancy and pregnant women are known to be more prone to contracting malaria than those not pregnant. The condition of malaria in pregnant woman also tends to be much more serious than that developed by a man or woman who is not pregnant. The problem with a pregnant woman suffering from malaria is that the drugs that can be normally used to treat this condition cannot be used on her. This is because some of the common drugs of malaria treatment are harmful for the woman in her vulnerable condition and also for the developing baby.

Impact of Malaria on the Health of a Pregnant Woman

A woman’s immune system is affected during pregnancy. She becomes much more susceptible to developing malaria which at times even leads to death of the child before birth or right after delivery. More than three million pregnant women are affected with Malaria in developing countries. It causes serious complications to the affected woman like maternal anaemia, foetal anaemia and even death.

Some adverse effects of Malaria during Pregnancy are:

  • Anaemia.
  • Fever.
  • Altered blood sugar levels.
  • Infection that harms the genitals.
  • Build up of fluids in the lungs.
  • Chances of cerebral  malaria or other neurological problems

As already mentioned, treatment for malaria in a pregnant woman becomes tough because of her suppressed immune system . The natural changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy make control of temperature and essential fluids very difficult. Care should be taken to protect a woman from having to suffer from these harmful effects of malaria during pregnancy.


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