Effect of Depression on your Sex Life

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Aug 04, 2012

Effect of Depression on your Sex Life

The consequences of depression can be multitude, starting from mental disturbance to profound sadness, irritability, fatigue and affected sexual performance. Depression adversely affects our love life  and intimate relationship may also dwindle all the way. Depression is one of the prominent causes of sexuality concerns such as inability to have an orgasm and erectile dysfunction (ED). Many other sexual problems co-exist with depression. [Read: India among the most Depressed Nations. Why?]

Depression and Sexuality

  • Individuals marred by depression feel withdrawn and don’t have an energy level to carry out routine activities. They may feel unwanted or unloved. The slow brain activities of brain cause feeling of tiredness and hopelessness in men, which are mainly due to low libido and erection problems. Whereas, diminished brain activity in women is due to lack of interest in sex and difficulty in reaching an orgasm. [Read: Causes of Low Sex Drive]
  • Sexual response begins from brain, through central nervous system chemicals, known as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters establish a connection between brain cells and sexual organs by triggering blood flow to the sex organs. The brain chemicals get imbalanced during depression or mood disorders. Mood disorder and depression kills sexual desire or depletes it to a great extent.
  • Inability to initiate sex, erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sex drive are an inability to achieve an orgasm are few sexual problems associated with antidepressants. The antidepressants drugs help improving mood of individuals, but may alter the balance of neurotransmitters to cause sexuality concerns. The after-effects of antidepressant drugs increase its dose increases. [Read: Vitamins and Herbs for ED]

How to manage depression?


  • One can have antidepressant medicines to resolve depression, but an approach free of side-effects to sex life should be followed. Either, stick to the antidepressants that do not affect sexual function, or seek a therapist’s help. To resolve the issue, don’t shy away and hide if there is any sexual problem or medical condition you are suffering from. Talk to your health care provider openly.
  • Don’t leave your partner in their depressive state. Try and involve them in the activities you pursue, or take out time to go for a walk together every day. Walking and other engaging activities may lift up the morale and release endorphins in the brain, which are responsible for boosting one’s mood.

When troubled by depression, don’t delay its treatment. Seek counselling to avoid the devastating consequences, such as personal suffering, missed work and medical conditions. Don’t let depression linger on to affect you, speak to your health care provider before depression nabs you down.


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