Eat breakfast for a baby boy:myth or Fact

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Apr 26, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Pregnant women who eat breakfast are likely to have a son, says study.
  • Gender of the baby is affected by the diet plan of the mother.
  • Breakfast lowers vaginal PH strengthning sperm.
  • High levels of glucose improve the growth of male embryos.

breakfastCan food determine the gender of your baby? Well, a new study suggests that women who eat heavy and fat rich breakfast are more likely to conceive son rather than a daughter.


Does that mean you should forget the old wives’ tale which is full of advices on making love in a certain posture to conceive a boy or a girl? Well, as far as the findings by scientists at Oxford and Exeter universities are concerned – yes – you should put these lessons behind and embrace a certain diet plan if you want a boy or a girl.

Devyani, a homemaker, says, “I don’t believe there is a difference between boy and a girl but my granny always used to come and tell me what I should be eating to conceive a boy. In fact, I was asked not to eat chocolates or even milk because otherwise I would, according to her, conceive a girl. Well, it was definitely a strange advice! Was it true? I have my doubts.”

But a recent research conducted by scientists confirmed that a certain diet plan affect the gender of the baby. The scientist conducted a direct research to find out if a good diet at the time of conception can influence the gender of the baby. They focused on 740 women who were pregnant for the first time and did not know the sex of their babies. They were asked to report their eating habits both before and after they conceived. Thereafter, the women were split into three groups according to the number of calories they consumed at the time of conception.


The first group constituted of women who consumed 2,250 calories a day followed by women who consumed 2,000 calories, while the bottom group an average of 1,750 calories.


The study indicates that women who ate cereal were more likely to conceive a boy child. The logic is that cereals are high in calcium, potassium and sodium which lower our body’s acidity. Sperms that produce a boy are generally weak and cannot withstand the vaginal PH which is acidic. So, a baby boy produced by sperms will die quickly in such an environment. However, if one is able to lower the PH and acidity, that is, through a changed diet, you tend to make the reproductive tract friendlier to the boy sperm.

There is a 56% chance of producing a son if a woman consumers around 2,250 calories a day. The reason behind why such high-nutrition diets influence the gender of the baby is unclear. But, there is a research which shows that high levels of glucose improve the growth of male embryos rather than female. Moreover, Vitamin C, E and B12 are the nutrients which can help women conceive a boy.


So if you want a boy child then adhere to a rich breakfast and have your wish fulfilled. Wish you a happy motherhood.


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