4 Crucial Look-outs When Opting for Teen Pregnancy

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May 28, 2012
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  • Conceiving  requires a couple to make some conscious decisions.
  • Decide if your body and mind are ready for responsibility of a child.
  • You must visit a doctor for preconception check-up.
  • Make sure you receive proper prenatal care.

If you have decided to be a mom in your teen age, remember that now you’ll be responsible for handling two different worlds.  Completing your education may take a back seat for a few months, but after your baby’s well-being, it should be your topmost priority.  You and your partner need to be physically, emotionally and financially dependent to fulfil the needs of your child. Here we have discussed the stages of teen pregnancy, which will make it easier for you to decide, whether you want to take this responsibility as early as in adolescence or not.


Teen Pregnancy DesicionsDecision-making Time

Irrespective of age, conceiving always requires a couple to make some conscious decisions such as physical readiness of the mother, financial stability, emotional and mental preparedness of the couple. It is of crucial importance to consider the aforementioned factors to provide your future child a healthy and secure life.

If you are seeking to conceive, then decide whether your body and mind are ready to take the responsibility of raising a child or not. If you do not consider it the best time to begin parenting, then continue using contraception to prevent an unintentional pregnancy.


Preparing to Conceive

For easy conception in adolescence, you must visit a doctor for preconception check-up. The doctor will help you to learn about family planning, risks related to teenage pregnancy, physical and emotional needs to nourish a baby within you, screening and immunisation before conceiving a child. In addition, she will tell you the right time to stop birth controlling methods, taking folic acid and vitamin B for conception and importance of maintaining healthy body weight before and throughout pregnancy. Follow-up visits will help you to resolve any physical or emotional problem, if you have any.

Taking Care

If you have decided to continue with the pregnancy, make sure you receive proper prenatal care. Consume prenatal vitamins and folic acid to avoid your foetus from developing any physical deformity. Ask your doctor about the activities and foods which can harm your unborn child. Restrain from consuming alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Ensure that the supplements or prescribed medications you have been taking before pregnancy are safe to be taken during pregnancy. Avoid extreme temperatures. Do not go for hot tubs and saunas. Avoid visiting a cold place. If possible, do not travel throughout pregnancy.


Taking Charge

This the most important part of teen pregnancy. The priority changes from your own future or education to your baby’s well-being.  Financial independence and emotional and mental preparedness to take the responsibility of a child are other components of a healthy teenage pregnancy.  Plan your future course of action before the arrival of the baby and calmly enjoy the experience of being pregnant with a calm reassurance.

Apart from health care, make sure you are not victim of domestic violence. Support of the partner is of crucial importance to nurture a child.



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