10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

You should know the symptoms that can be the early signs of pregnancy. If you are able to recognise those, it is time get it confirmed with a pregnancy test.

Vatsal Anand
PregnancyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: May 04, 2012
10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Though the early pregnancy symptoms are the same as a lot of other medical conditions, there are some signs unique to pregnancy.

early pregnancy signs

If you are able to recognise those, it is time get it confirmed with a pregnancy test.


  1. Delayed Menstruation If your menstruation does not occur at the time it was supposed to, it is one of the signs of pregnancy but not conclusive. Many other factors can delay menstruation such as hormonal disturbance, fatigue, excess weight gain, giving up birth control medication or stress. In order to make sure and relieve your mind, take a home pregnancy test.
  2. Nausea Nausea is caused in pregnancy by hormonal changes from 2nd week onwards to the 8th week after conception. Other causes can be stress, food poisoning or stomach disorders.
  3. Sensitive Breasts Sensitivity in breasts is a commonly found first sign of pregnancy. The breasts become tender or swollen after one to six weeks after conception. Breasts also become sensitive one week before menstruation. So, if you find your breasts tender and it is not quite one week to go for menstruation, it can be one of the early pregnancy symptoms.
  4. Unbearable Fatigue Due to rise in progesterone, women start to feel unbearable exhaustion many times during the day. It can start from one to six weeks after conception. You should ensure that such fatigue is not due to a common cold, exhaustion by overexertion, stress, depression or any type of mental strain. See your doctor to test for pregnancy or other medical conditions.
  5. Headaches Frequent headaches are very common throughout pregnancy and they can start right after conception. Other causes of headaches can be many. It needs to be checked whether the headache is due to high estrogen level after pregnancy or because of other reasons.
  6. Backaches One of the side effects of pregnancy can be backache. It is mostly experienced in the second trimester but some women report it early too. 
  7. Craving for Food It has been often heard in Hindi movies that a woman asking excitedly for imli (tamarind) is supposed to be pregnant. But the craving need not be for intensely sour foods such as tamarind. It could be dairy products, potato chips, a variety of pickles or any other food that tempts the pregnant woman. Craving for food can also be due to depression, stress, approaching menstruation or simply poor diet.
  8. Darkening of Areola - If the round darkened area around your nipple (areola) becomes darker still, it can be due to pregnancy. Hormonal disturbance can also cause this and it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor.
  9. Frequent Urination After around 6 to 8 weeks of conception, the baby starts to put pressure on the bladder and makes you urinate more often.
  10. Sure Sign If you have missed period and it is accompanied by nausea, tender breasts and fatigue, you can be reasonably sure that these are indeed early pregnancy symptoms. Get yourself tested immediately.



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