Early Autism Treatment Improves Kids' Brain Development

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Nov 03, 2012

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Early Autism Treatment Improves KidsThe treatment called Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) improves behavioural pattern and brain development in an autistic kid, says a new study. ESDM is given to a kid for 20 hours in a week under a trained therapist. The treatment can continue for more than 20 hours and either the mother or the father of the child might be trained in the technique.


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The researchers have noted that the autistic children who were given ESDM treatment until age four had higher IQ scores, more adaptability, improved coordination and a better diagnosis of autism than standard treatment procedures of autism. Moreover, the responses of the children’s brain to social exposure also improved, says Geraldine Dawson, psychiatry professor at the University of North Carolina and Chief Science Officer at Autism Speaks.


As per the measurements of an electroencephalogram (EEG), a toddler’s brain develops a specific activity pattern when interacting with humans. However, this doesn’t happen when the child looks at insensate objects. The kids with autism have reversed process i.e., their brain responds when they look at lifeless objects, but doesn’t react when they look at faces. ESDM has been significantly successful to normalise this process  in the autistic kids.


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Dawson further said the brain development of the children being treated with ESDM was almost similar to normal four-year-old kids, however, that doesn’t mean that there autism has been cured completely.


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