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  • What are the symptoms of Dystonia?

    What are the symptoms of Dystonia?

    Early symptoms of Dystonia may include deterioration in handwriting after writing several lines, foot cramps, and/or a tendency of one foot to pull up or drag; this may occur "out of the blue" or may occur after running or walking some distance.

  • How do people inherit?

    How do people inherit?

    Of the primary dystonias, many cases appear to be inherited in a dominant manner; i.e., only one carrier parent need contribute the dystonia gene for the disease to occur, each child having a 50/50 chance of being a carrier.

  • What are the types of Dystonia?

    What are the types of Dystonia?

    Types of Dystonia are Torsion dystonia, Cervical dystonia, Blepharospasm, Cranial dystonia, etc.

  • What is Dystonia?

    What is Dystonia?

    The dystonias are movement disorders in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.

  • What is the treatment of Dystonia?

    What is the treatment of Dystonia?

    No Dystonia treatment has been found universally effective. Instead, physicians use a variety of therapies aimed at reducing or eliminating muscle spasms and pain

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